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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Turkish Take on Illich

We don't read Turkish, but based on some wanderings around the web, it appears that the man has a strong following in that part of the world. Here, for instance, is a lengthy blog article about Illich -- on a blog using the same Blogger template as ours, we're pleased to see!

And here is the Turkish edition of one of Illich's books. (A small prize for those who can figure out which of his books this is; no Google allowed.)

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In fact, here one can see eight editions of Illich in Turkish. And this is the Turkish Wikipedia page about Illich.


Anonymous said...

Is it Deschooling Society? (I thought Tools for Conviviality at first, from the picture, but looking at the Turkish, my guess is Deschooling Society.) Am I close?

Njeru said...

Deschooling Society?

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