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Monday, May 27, 2013

French interview, now with subtitles

We recently pointed out a 1972 interview with Ivan Illich, produced for French television, that has been made available on the Web. As it turned out, Clarke Mackey, in Ontario, had prepared a transcript of the program as well as an English translation of that transcript, both of which he made available to us.

Now, a reader named Marty Kent, who was friends with Illich, has used Mr. Mackey's transcript to add English subtitles to the video, and he has posted the results for all to see right here.

Mr. Kent writes:

Long a great appreciator of [Illich's] work, I was privileged to meet and become dear friends with him in the last couple years of his life (he died in 2002). I have no-one whose work I hold in higher regard than Ivan. It's been a great pleasure to prepare the subtitles for this movie, because I had to listen to each sentence over and over to set the time for each piece of text. That's what I suggest you do: play this video over and over; consider it most carefully, be entertained, provoked, awakened.

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