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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some videos in Spanish

Javier Sicilia is a widely-regarded Mexican poet, essayist, journalist, and activist who is, according to Wikipedia, "one of the main promoters of [Ivan] Illich's thought among Mexican intellectuals." He is credited with translating much of Illich's work into Spanish.

Some videos of Sicilia speaking informally (in Spanish) about Illich, a good friend, and about the latter's idea of conspiratio are available for viewing on YouTube. The first of two parts is here, followed by the second one here.

As we've written about before, Sicilia has led large protests against the Mexican government and its "war on drugs," which has resulted in the deaths of some 40,000 Mexicans, including Sicilia's own son, Juanelo, shot down in Cuernavaca in 2011.

Evidently, Sicilia in 2009 launched a magazine called Conspiratio.

Once again, we regret not being able to speak Spanish. There is a wealth of material about Illich written in that language that is available on the Web and elsewhere, including this site, hosted in Mexico, which is devoted to the man and his thought. Right now, this site is showing a 3-hour video of talks given at the 10-year anniversary celebration of Illich held last December in Cuernavaca.

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