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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old book, new cover

We've always admired European book covers. Even if their text is too often inscrutable to us, the cover designs tend to be extraordinarily stylish and modern-looking. Indeed, here is the cover of a new edition of Illich's Deschooling Society as translated into Spanish:

Ivan illich

The publisher is Editorial Brulot, located in Madrid, we believe. The foreword is written by a Columbian named Pedro García Olivo. The cover's designer is Nano Torres, working in Granada. His website shows the Illich book's front and back covers.

We first came across an image of this cover while using the Bing search engine. It pointed us to a blog called Pensamiento Pedagógico [Thinking about Schooling?], which shows this charming photo (which, yes, we re-publish here without permission), evidently made in Cuernavaca:

Ivan Illich en su primer cumplea os en Cuernavaca1 214x300

(Off-topic: To anyone interested in seeing more artful book covers and illustrations and the like, mostly vintage, we highly recommend a visit to, whose curator has a great eye and a great collection.)

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