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Monday, July 09, 2012

'Deschooling Society' available as an audiobook

Ivan Illich's book Deschooling Society has been turned into an audiobook by a pair of amateur readers. Their readings of the book's seven chapters are available here for downloading in MP3 audio format at no charge. (Combined, the files add up to 128MB.)

The readers are Robin Upton and Tereza Coraggio, associated with an online "talk radio" show called Unwelcome Guests. It's of a radical, subversive bent. Evidently, Illich has been the subject of several of its weekly programs. For example, a show broadcast in October, 2010, is titled "Ivan Illich and The Collapse of Power." It includes a recording of a talk about Illich given in England in 2009 by a Robert Hutchison, which we noted earlier, here. This show, too, is available for downloading.

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