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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paul Goodman on 'Firing Line'

Amazon's online video service is showing a 1966 episode of 'Firing Line with William F. Buckley, Jr.' featuring radical thinker and Illich associate Paul Goodman. The show's title is "Are Public Schools Necessary?"

Goodman comes off as a fascinating man, brimming with ideas and insights into the nature of education, schooling, youth, and society itself. It's easy to see why Illich thought so highly of him.

Those with an Amazon Prime membership can view the show at no charge while others may pay $0.99 for 7 days' access or $4.99 to buy a copy outright.


un ciclista said...

Is there available a transcript of this 1966 Buckley - Goodman interview ?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a transcript which you can bump (google) into with some luck... if you can't find it write to me ( so I can send it to you (By the way, I miss Winslow, the blog owner, does somebody know his whereabouts?)

Winslow said...

You wrote you miss Winslow, and were wondering where he is. I posted a short note regarding that.
He passed away.
I'm his wife, and miss him too. Badly.

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