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Friday, November 05, 2010


What's there to say about someone who describes Ivan Illich as a major player in a fascist conspiracy weaving together "Croatian Monsignor Krunoslav Draganovic," a "Vatican ratline of Eastern Europe that created secret havens for wanted Nazi war criminals," and that equally well-known "underground Jesuit Priest, soldier of Christ and foot soldier of the Pope" Jerry Brown, soon to be governor of California - not to mention boatloads of Nazi gold, IG Farben (makers of Zyklon B, a pesticide that the Nazis used to kill Jews and others on an industrial scale), Proctor & Gamble (makers of Tide laundry soap, Pringles potato thingies, and Mr. Clean detergent), Patty Hearst, and - you guessed it - Adolf Hitler?

Well, we could say he reads too much Pynchon, but without taking the right drugs. Or something.

Dare we quote such crap? Dare we point you, gentle reader, to the source from which this jive-ass junk oozes, unseen, like ... well, that oozes unseen through the Web's deepest, darkest, most tangled plumbing like a steaming tide of turd?

OK, a wee bit more for you connoisseurs of poppycock and piffle (gee, ain't Roget's fun?) Seriously, we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried - and we've read lots of Pynchon:

Illich may have known about the Nazi’s plan to setup (Dr. Clarence J. Gamble, Margaret Sanger) eugenic concentration camps for Black children before it was leaked to the public. Illich’s book, DESCHOOLING SOCIETY (1971), may also have been a pretext to that plan. Additionally, Illich had known that Nixon had been under SS control before he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1950.

Illich was part of a secret ring of Nazis and collaborators tied into vast reserves of Nazi gold and the 1000 Year Reich. Right under our noses in Oakland, Jerry Brown harbored Illich at “We the People Foundation” around the Third Reich’s second and third wave in what he called, “The Oakland Table.”

There's more - too much more - of this over-cooked baloney right here: The Gregory Files, Part IV: The Oakland Secret Matrix & The Man that Nobody Knows, Charles Alex Gregory. It's on a blog by someone named Prince Ray who describes himself as more or less a revolutionary in the mold of the Black Panthers. Clearly, he needs to watch more TV. Or something.

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