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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some "new" images of Ivan Illich

Getty Images, we just discovered while browsing with Google's image-searching service, now has five relatively rare photos of Ivan Illich available - a refreshing sight after seeing the same small handful of Illich photos get used ad nauseum across the Web.

Prices vary depending on the use to which one wants to put a particular image - for a Web page vs. a printed brochure, for instance. Three of the images were made by a Bernard Diederich, shooting for Life magazine in 1976. Another, from 1980, is by Sigfrid Casals and another, showing Illich speaking in Claremont, Calif., in 1975, is by George Rose.

Rather than risk the wrath of Getty by posting its preview versions of these copyrighted images here in this blog, we suggest you go to the Getty site to view the five photos.

The one time we saw Illich in person, when he gave some talks in New York City back in 1985, he discouraged picture-taking, but some people in the audience flashed away anyway. Evidently, when Life magazine was in need of photos, he cooperated.

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